Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Day 36: Mmmm, yummy!

Yes, today's entry is all about cakes! I'm not talking about boring buns with raisins in them (don't get me wrong, they certainly are yummy), I'm talking about colourful, creative, beautiful lookin' cakes! Doesn't it make your tummy rumble just looking at them!

Well, you too can make amazing looking cakes like these. Here's a recipe for making 12 cup cakes:
4oz (115g) Sugar
4oz (115g) Butter/Margarine
4oz (115g) Self Raising Flour
2 tea spoons vanilla essence
2 Eggs
12 cake cases
1 baking tray (if you've got one with little holes in for the cakes to sit in they are best)

- Mix the sugar and butter together until fluffy
- Add the 2 eggs and mix well (if you can use a whisk to let lots of air into the mixture)
- Add the flour through a sieve and the vanilla essence and mix well (use the whisk again)
- Put the mixture into the cake cases using a tea spoon
- Put them in the oven on gas mark 6 (200 degrees) for 15-20 minutes until golden brown

Now comes the fun part, decorating them! Go crazy and get creative with it. Add food colouring, sprinkles, letters, whatever you can find. Put you own funky design on it. The choice is up to you! Look here for icing options, there are many! There's even a video about it!

Sooo, here's your chance to use your creativity to feed the mouths of many...

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