Saturday, 5 February 2011

Day 243: BBC's Human Planet

Have you managed to catch any of the latest documentary on the BBC? It's all about how humans manage to not just survive, but live a life in the cruelest places on earth; the sea, the Arctic, the desert...

I find it all amazing! Yesterday I watched the Arctic one and all they eat is fish (pretty much). I don't even like fish, but I guess it's just because I have the choice not to eat it. If it was that or nothing, I'd love it!

Anyway, one of the best bits of the program is at the end when the camera crew share their stories of how they captured these great scenes. Really fascinating. I don't know about you, but I never think about the fact that this is being shown to me because some stood in front of the action with a big old camera. It's an invisible creativity. I guess that's exactly what they're going for.

Without the camera, we wouldn't be able to see these incredible things. It's someones job to capture them for us. Can you imagine being able to say that you showed the world the resting place of the Titanic, or a clip of the Northern lights or the birth of a Panda bear...? Someone did!

Inspiring stuff! Check out Human Planet on BBC's iplayer.

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