Thursday, 28 October 2010

Day 143: Creativity after death

I have spent the last few days preparing to saying goodbye to my Grandma. She died suddenly a few weeks ago now and the whole family gathered together for her funeral yesterday. Isn't it funny that there's people in your family you don't speak to in years, but as soon as a funeral comes along, the whole family are brought back together again. I'm pretty sure my Grandma would like that.

So why am I chatting away about a funeral on a creative blog?

 When I started this blog I had a strong sense that creativity made people happy, gave self worth and was a path to self expression. I still think it does all these things, but the last few weeks have shown me that, actually, creativity is for all occasions.

When I found out Grandma had died I wanted to make sure I would remember the day, so in my own creative way, I bought a novel and wrote in the front so I would remember her. That book will help my own writing and in turn inspire creativity. I'll keep it forever.

My sisters, cousins and I were asked to choose the flowers that went on Grandma's wicker coffin. We chose autumnal colours which she would have loved. The way they were arranged was beautiful. Floristry really is an art that creates real meaning for many special days.

One of my sisters, Becca, spent a whole day baking cakes and snacks for the wake after the funeral, which everyone enjoyed (of course). I know my Grandma would have been proud of her.

These are just little things, but I think it's significant that they are creative in some way. So, today I wanted to share this with you and encourage you that creativity, even in the smallest forms are everywhere, even after death.

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