Monday, 25 October 2010

Day 140: Innocent smoothies' Big Knit!

You know those yummy fruit drinks which are ALL fruit and count in your 5-a-day thingy?

Well, they've got a creative challenge for you! They are asking people to knit tiny little hats for the bottles. It gets pretty chilly in the fridge!

It's all to raise money to make winter warmers for elderly people across the country. What a nice thing to do for those in need, eh.

'How do I get involved,' I hear you cry. Well, to play your creative part, check out their website. There are patterns, info, instructions and you can even win stuff. So, I won't here any excuses! All can join in the fun. Me and my housemates are on the case and I need you to join me.

Now go, be creative and help make the world a warmer place!

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