Saturday, 23 October 2010

Day 138: Creative parties and pictures

So, the other day I went round my friends house for, I guess you could call it a party. It wasn't your traditional student party with booze and loud music. Oh no, it was far more safisticated than that.

We spent the evening watching Disney movies and colouring in! It was great! It took me right back to being a kid again. I used to spend hours colouring and drawing. It would seem that not much has changed.

We watched Matilda, which is an incredibly creative story (hats off to you Mr Dahl) and made those swirlly pattern pictures. You know the ones where you take your pencil for a walk on the page and then colour in the sections? Well anyway, it was heeps of fun and I really enjoyed being creative with my friends who I wouldn't normally be creative with.

I also feel like I put my own mark on the old favourite. Instead of colouring each section in one colour, I added paterns too. I feel like I have advanced from my five year old self, even if just a little bit! Here are my much loved pattern pictures:

Psychodelic huh!
Move the page up and down with your curser and see them mooove!

My hope is that this will inspire you to have a party with a difference. Invite your friends round for a DVD and a colour. Boys, maybe you could watch and draw zombies instead of princesses, but whatever takes your fancy...

Give it a go. Creativity is all about having fun!

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