Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Day 134: Rainbows

Today has been grotty. One of those days where it feels like it’s about five in the evening constantly, the clouds are so dark and foreboding. Yuk, is all I can say. Rain has been falling on and off all day and don’t my socks know about it!

So, naturally, I chose to get the bus home from town, rather than risk another down pour. You know when you have one of those busy days where you haven’t stopped and everything seems a bit gloomy? There really is nothing that could perk you up. Well, that’s my day.

Anyway, as the bus tootled on down Upper Bristol Road through puddles and drops of rain, I saw a group of lads all looking up at the sky behind me, but I didn’t think much of it. Then we drove past a mum with a toddler in a pushchair. She too was pointing up at the sky behind me and her cute little kid in a bobble hat had a massive smile on her face.

At this point I was thinking, what the heck is going on behind me, so I turned. There in the sky was the brightest rainbow I’d ever seen. As it went up, it disappeared behind a dark cloud, out of sight, like it was just peeping to say hello.

Aren’t rainbows amazing? They completely lift a dark day. But I was thinking...if the day had not been so rubbish, would it make people as happy?

I think the thing about rainbows is their timing. When it’s dark and rainy, a quick burst of sunshine will bring out a rainbow and brighten everyone’s mood. Good old nature inspiring us all once again.

Timing. How do you use it in your creative work? Something to think about, maybe...?

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