Thursday, 21 October 2010

Day 136: The Future

At the moment I am loving being creative. I write, I get to teach and encourage others to write and share in other people writing too. I also love knitting when I can, making cards, painting...and you know what, I am really enjoying what I am doing. Creativity is a part of me and I can't help but use it.

BUT, at the moment I am spending a lot of my time worrying about the future. I'm in my final year of uni now and the scary thing is, I don't know what happens next. Yes, I've got a few ideas and things I'd like to happen, but what if they don't...then what...?

Do you ever get like that? Does the future scare you and you spend a lot of time worrying about it?

Well, I want to encourage you to take up this new philosophy I'm trying out, which is...not to worry! Sounds easy, right?

A wise friend told me that the future will take care of itself. So I'm trying to just enjoy the creative things I'm doing now and let the future worry about itself! Are you with me? We all agree that creativity is great so we should enjoy it now!

Go! Do something creative and live in this moment.

Enjoy, live ,breath creativity and the rest is'll see!

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