Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Day 99: Enjoy it

Yesterday, I went to a poetry event in Bristol. The evening was filled with performance poets (which I will elaborate on in a future entry, so watch out for that) who stood up, did their thing and everyone clapped. Some (I thought) were good, others, not so much. That's the way it goes with open mike nights, I guess.

There was a man named Tim sitting on our table who's a poet and performing himself. Before the performers started we got chatting and he said, 'I think the main thing is just to enjoy it, really. What's the point of doing something creative if you don't enjoy it?'

'Exactly,' I said, vigorously nodding my head.

This little comment of Tim's made me view the whole evening differently. Did all of the poets performing enjoy it? Some performers went up, big smiles, hands waving. They recited their memorised poem with confidence and ease. Others tottered up nervous and apprehensive, read out their poem and quickly sat down, embarrassed by the applause.

Perhaps enjoyment of such things grows over time? All of them must love writing poetry, but perhaps not all of them love performing it...yet.

I would HATE to go up there and perform. It's not my thing, hence why I'm writing a blog for you guys instead. Do I love this? Yes. It would be damn hard to write this everyday if I didn't enjoy it...BUT, its still a challenge sometimes.

I think we have to find our 'thing' and stick to it. Sure, try out new things, but go for what you feel drawn to and go for it, enjoy it.

What do you enjoy creating? Music, art, dance, animation, socks...whatever it is, do it because you enjoy it. If you do it because you love it, your motivation will keep it going a lot longer than fame, money or whatever. Besides, you never know where it might take you...

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