Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Day 100: Wonderful Words and David Almond

Woop woop! I've reached day 100 and the creative juices are still flowing! Yay!

OK, enough shenanigans. To celebrate the occasion in a properly creative way, I thought I'd give you 100 creative, inspiring words to use as you wish. Say them aloud and give them time. Roll them around on your tongue and appreciate how wonderful they sound:

creativity, languid, stupendous, cheese, catastrophe, endless, time, faces, monumental, considerate, appealing, justification, consequence, aloud, moon, abundant, yoghurt, sunshine, yellow, apparently, despite, brambles, fantastic, crisps, eleven, chocolate, anthology, inspirational, doctorate, ungulating, transparent, enough, glue, toilet, dangerous, tepid, xylophone, punctual, styrofoam, complicated, distance, honestly, banished, tickley, curious, amount, complicated, disease, rainbow, fascination, tomorrow, apple, joy, darkness, grace, liquid, toasted, lolly, bumbled, verity, stupid, swish, crackling, plop, disgusting, correct, handle, saliva, elusive, intrinsic, consider, tractor, temperature, bottle, walnut, kitten, munchkin, obviously, wash, momentum, sing, beautiful, dangle, squeeze, wax, coil, ball, venom, bobble, tug, copy, loaded, flute, cosmopolitan, rumble, illuminate, explain, tuna, stretch, huzzah!

There you have it! One hundred wonderful words. Try them in an accent! For example, you can't say, styrofoam in anything other than an American accent! It sounds amazing (reminds me of Bolt, watch it if you haven't seen it). I do have to give a quick mention to David Almond here, as he inspired this flow of words, so thanks!

Happy 100 Day!


Debbie said...


Debbie said...

yey!! my test worked! I was going to say...I like aluminium said in an american accent - aloominum!

Anonymous said...

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