Friday, 24 September 2010

Day 109: Exposed at the Tate

There is only two weekends left until the Tate's latest photography exhibition closes (boo), so I encourage all of you to jump on the train and take a look at Exposed. It's a collection of images taken without the knowledge of those in it. some famous, some not so, all displayed together to make us think. You know how I like to think...

The UK is the most surveyed country in the world now and the exhibition is just pointing it out, I suppose. Why do we have such a need to watch, observe, spy? You only have to look at the success of things like Big Brother to see how obsessed we are. Interesting, huh?

Creativity gives people the opportunity to talk and show these kind of oddities within our society which is great! What a thing to do with your work, make people think!

Look at the photo of Maralin Monroe here (by Weegee). There are millions of pictures of her on a fan like this, but in this one, she doesn't know it's being taken, she's not playing for the camera. It's like we're watching her through a peep hole and it kinda feels like we shouldn't be looking, doesn't it?

If you can, get down to the Tate Modern and have a look around. Be inspired...What could you say with your art?


Corporate Logo Design said...

LOL!!1 that's called a vintage exposed . Now a days then method is also use for exposing.

Emma Fowler said...

Cool! You learn something new every day!