Sunday, 19 September 2010

Day 104: IKEA Rugs

At the moment I am staying with my mum for a few days, just before term kicks off again. Because it's just been summer, Mum's got a 'summer rug' in the lounge which is brightly coloured and reminds me of one of those pots you make when you go on holiday, the ones you fill with different coloured sand. In winter Mum has a 'winter rug' which is deep reds and looks like something (nice) from the Victorian era.

So, I found myself thinking about rugs as I sat in the lounge, next to the rug and flicking through an old IKEA magazine. IKEA sell millions of rugs with stripes, spots, ruffles, fluffy bits, leather bits....

My question for you today is just a simple one, if you were to design a rug, what would it look like...?

Just to give you a few ideas, have a look at IKEA. I've found 1933 matches in the search for 'rugs.'

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