Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Day 106: Volunteering at the Bath Kids Lit Fest

I have got a really busy week ahead because I am volunteering with the Bath Children's Literature Festival in Bath and with The Write Team (also part of Bath Festivals). It's going to be great. Not only am I likely to meet authors and go to some really interesting/helpful talks, I am also going to help kids learn about it all too. This is basically what I'm about. That's why I'm doing this blog, to encourage young people to be creative.

What are you about? Are you interested in dance, music, animation, writing...a great way to get experience in it is through volunteering. See what's going on in your area. There are loads of activities for children going on at weekends and in the holidays, so get on board. Maybe you don't want to work with children long term, but give it a go for now and see what you learn. Send them an email, ask if you can help. Make sure you're 'pushy' too. If they don't email you back, email them again. People are busy, so make sure they keep you in mind!

Volunteering is a great way to learn more about what you're interested in and meet some people who already do it! I'm going into schools all year (with The Write Team) to encourage young people to be creative, which is exactly what I want to do! I got this great opportunity through talking to someone at another event I went to. (Oh, the importance of Networking, see Day 69 for more of that...) You never know where these things might lead. So I encourage you all to get involved in whatever you can and be creative at the same time. A winner all round!


ps, if you're into writing and you live near Bath, check out the link above 'cause there are some brilliant events on at the Bath Children's Lit Fest this year! It starts this Friday so get moving...

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