Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Day 107: Mandy Coe

Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting an amazingly inspirational poet called Mandy Coe. She writes for both children and adult, but she's really excited about inspiring creativity in young people. I was so impressed I even bought her new book, If you could see laughter!

There were so many things she said which are exciting and fun and creative...but I will rien myself in!

This is a tip she gave me: don't shy away from something because it's hard (ie, writing poetry, learning an instrument, painting a huge canvas). Why? Because if something is hard, you HAVE to be creative to make it work, which gives you a bigger sence of achievement!

For example, here is one of Mandy's exercises. I warn you, it's pretty tricky, but fun too. Give it a go and see how good you feel when you achieve it!

Choose one of these words: storm, rainbow, earthquake, darkness.

Now, write something about it (a description, how you feel about it/in it...) It could be a poem or just a few lines of prose, BUT you cannot use the letter E.

Here's mine,

Today I got caught,
stuck on my own.
It was raining, you know,
and now I am soaking.

You try. Stretch your creativity further than E and see just how much you can do.

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