Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Day 50: Lost property

Over the last few days I have been thinking about lost property and all of the weird and wonderful things you might find there. They really are such interesting places. There's always odd shoes. How can someone lose only one shoe? Didn't they notice one foot didn't feel the same as the other on their walk home?

Obviously there are your bracelets, jumpers, a hair band or two and LOADS of umbrellas! People take them in and then it's not raining when they leave, so hay presto, it gets forgotten and therefore 'lost'.

You see, 'lost' things aren't really lost, you just don't know where they are. They have to be somewhere.

Anyway, before I go completely off the point, I figure it's that time of year where things like lost property get sorted through and either chucked away or taken to a charity shop. You know, it being the end of term and all.

So my challenge to you is to find a lost property box and take three (or four) items at random (obviously get permission first!). Then, make something out of them. Fit them together somehow.

It could be a story; how do these items fit together? (like the boy on the bike from yesterday!)

Or, they could be props for a drama or a dance piece.

Use them to inspire lyrics.

Literally make them into something. Cover them in paint, glue, soil, cotton...Maybe you could undo a jumper (if it's one of your items) and make something new out of it?

Whatever you do, do it with lost property. Find what's lost and create with it!


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