Sunday, 25 July 2010

Day 48: Inception

I went to see this film the other day. Don't know if you've heard of it? Called Inception? You know, the one that's sweeping the nation with it amazing ideas and concepts behind dreams and all their potential...

Of course you've heard of it! In fact most of you have already seen it (most likely) and if you haven't then GO!

It's the most inspiring film I've seen this year, so I figured it was definitely worthy of a blog entry!

Think about it. Dreams. They are so illusive, they slip away from you so quickly. Sometimes you don't even know you had one.

This clip is so interesting, don't you think? I never thought about the fact that you never know how you get to a dream...What did YOU dream last night? Anything inspirational in there?

The potential of dreams for creative inspiration is incredible. Use your dreams. I have a little section in my memory for dreams. There's dreams about mermaids and flying from when I was a kid. Nightmares about huge spiders and panthers I can't can't forget.

The idea of dreams might be even more inspirational than your actual dreams. Only you can decide that.

Something to think about. With dreams the possibilities really are endless...aren't they?

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