Thursday, 22 July 2010

Day 45: The Tate movie project

As always, I have found something really exciting for you all to get involved in! The Tate (big art gallery) is making a movie and they need your help. It's for 5-13 year olds. Perhaps a little young for some of you, but have a peek anyhow.

I've been on the website and it looks like there's LOADS going on. Basically they are going to make a movie in Summer 2011, but right now they need YOUR ideas/designs/storyboards to make it happen. They are calling writers, artists, sound techies, get involved in their production. If your work is chosen you get your name in the credits and everything!

This is there 3 stages on their site:
1) Design a character and make new friends
2) Get new skills and be creative
3)Your work could be in the movie!

Perfect for creative thinkers like yourselves, I think!

So check it out here and see if stardom could be on the cards for you!

Creativity really is everywhere...woop woop!

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