Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Day 43: Street performers

This morning I took a little stroll into town, as you do, and was inspired to write today's entry about street performers.

Living in Bath, we get performers all year round, but the summer is the best time. The sun is shining, tourists are everywhere and everyone has a bit more time to enjoy the smaller things in life. Before I moved here I'd only really seen them in Covent Garden, London when I was a kid. It's kind of weird living in a place where people come on holiday!

Anyway, back to the point! Usually, street performers become invisible to me as I go about my business, but this morning I found myself stopping to watch a women twiddling, throwing and curling hoola hoops. We was mesmerising and I thought, what an amazing talent to have where you can stand in the street and get money for it!

So, now I turn to you and ask, 'what could YOU bring to the streets of Britain?'

There is such a lot of different performances all the way from human statues to fire breathing jugglers! There are lots of arty types at my uni who busk on the streets of Bath, lots of them being guitar playing singers. Now that's what I call affective creativity. You reach out to the community and you get a few bob on the side! Ideal.

So, what are you good at? Do you have a talent that could be calling you to the streets (to perform, I mean)? If you've got it, use it! Give it a go and see where it takes you and/or what it makes you!

There are a few technical things to consider of course, like the fact that you need a licence in some places (ring up the council and check in your area). But after that's all done you're ready to go...

How will you perform to the masses this summer...?

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