Monday, 19 July 2010

Day 42: Time to boogie!

Ok, so today I wanted to find something that wasn't anything to do with writing and I found it.

To inspire all you dancers out there (and everyone else for that matter) I found this video. It's actually a T-mobile advert with the slogan, 'life's for sharing.' Just watch it and be inspired. It really is surprising how random people who blatantly are NOT involved join in and get their groove on.

Creativity is infectious! This video proves that!

So, how will YOU share YOUR creativity with the world...?

1 comment:

Mim said...

Hey Em!
Just catching up on your blog - love it! Did I ever tell you I was there when they filmed this advert? It was CRAZY! Hope you're doing really well,
big love,
Mim xx