Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Day 29: Think, act, speak...

No I'm not trying to pitch a funky new version of the highway code or promote safety or anything weird like that. I am trying, of course, to inspire creativity!

Task: The next time you see someone (your mum, sibling, friend, the milkman...) ask them a question. Any old question today, ie, 'what did you have for breakfast this morning?'

The changes are it will go something like this: stop, do some kind of action (like looking up, frowning, scratching their head etc) and then they will answer you. Why? Because this is the order in which we communicate.

First, we think. This is usually followed by some kind of body action, to show we are thinking. Then we speak.

What has this got to do with anything??

Well, if you are a writer, actor, figure animator or anything else that involves the way people behave, then this IS important!

How many times have you read a book with a line like this:

' "I can't believe you," David shouted. He raised his arms up in his anger.'

It's SO annoying when you find how they have spoken AFTER they've said it and what they were doing.

'David raised his hands up in the air, shouting, "I can't believe you." '

See what i mean?

This rule can be used in drama too. If you are writing a play, make sure you get the way people act in the right order. That way your creative work will be more believable.

Try it out for yourself. Be a student of people watching!

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