Monday, 5 July 2010

Day 28: Videos!

Well, hello there all!

Today I want to think about videos. In this day and age it is soooooo easy to make your own video, whether it be a music video, animation, video blog etc, etc.

About a year ago me and my sister made an animation video using a camera (ie, taking photos of every shot) and little Winnie the Pooh figurines (it was all we could find in the cupboard, okay!) Now I have to confess, this video is not the piece I am most proud of creatively, but creative it is nonetheless:

It was a lot of fun making this video and that's really my point. Have fun! Don't worry about getting it perfect, or trying something really difficult, just start and see where you end up!

Check out these videos I found on You Tube. The first two are by a band called Sour and they are proper creative!

This next one is a family effort by the looks of it. It sure looks fun that's for sure!

This last one is by a guy called Charlie and I think it's so clever. It's like I always say, pull on the resources you've already got!

He's a committed video blogger this guy, so you should check out some of his other stuff too. I enjoyed it anyway,

That all for now folks. Be inspired, get creative!

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