Monday, 4 April 2011

Day 301: Adele breaks records

Yes, indeedy, Adele has reached ten consecutive weeks at the top of the album chart for her second album, simply called 21. She's beaten Madonna who held the record for nine weeks at the top with The Immaculate Conception in 1990. You know you've doing something right when you're beating the pop queen herself in the album chart, right!

But, it's not just the UK chart she's topping. Over in the US they love her too.

Amazing. A proper English rose, doing her stuff, breaking records. Her voice is so beautiful and deserved to be heard. She's an inspiration to all us creative ladies!

Here's her performance at the Brits Awards this year. I well up just watching this. It must have been incredible to be there. My invite unfortunately got lost in the mail...

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