Saturday, 26 February 2011

Day 264: Creative Kids

This week I've been helping out with a kids club, it being half term and all. It has been so much fun, singing songs with actions, colouring, sticking, and all other creative things. Don't you think kid's creative stuff is so much cooler than ours, well, sort of?

Anyway, on Thursday, the 4/5 year olds blew me away. (Not literally, they've only got little lungs!) We did this craft thing where they made a little field with sheep in. The sheep were made out of plasticine and I thought, 'man, they are gonna struggle with this. Maybe I'll encourage them to just make one big sheep instead of three little sheep. It's too fiddly.'

But, you know what, their sheep were amazing! They were probably better than any sheep I could make. And they loved it.

I think sometimes I really underestimate exactly how much a 5 year old can actually achieve. Children are so creative. I'm pretty sure that, given the choice, most of them would spend all their time being creative if they could. I know I would of. (Well, I still would now!)

What fun it is to be young, eh? (Man, I sound old!) How could YOU use your creative talents to help kiddies? Why not get involved in a local club for kids and get them creative. It's more fun than you think!

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