Sunday, 13 February 2011

Day 251: Thoughts from an Odeon worker...

As many of you know, I work part time at the Odeon. Pocket money whilst at Uni, I guess. Yesterday, I spent 10 and a half hours telling people they'll be upstairs in screen 8 and to enjoy their film.

The thing I've noticed, as a creative thinker, is that people believe they're being funny and original when actually, they all respond with the same 'jokes'. When I ask someone where they want to sit ('cause the Odeon has allocated seating) they say, 'In a seat,' nudging their friends, like they're the first person who ever thought that one up.

At the moment, we have to try and make people buy an Odeon Premier Card (which actually is a good deal) but as soon as you say it, they cut you off with a firm, 'NO'. That's when I tend to give up. I've started calling it a loyalty card, in the hope that it'll sound more appealing, but then you get the wise cracks that say, 'No thanks, I'm not loyal.' One day I'll respond with, 'Well done, mate. You've taken the word I just said and turned it around. Rocket science, that one!'

Yesterday, however, someone did stand out. When I asked them if they would be interested in one of out loyalty cards, they looked me straight in the eye and said, 'No, I'm extremely fickle.'

What a thing to say! Was he joking? Who knows, but it really did brighten up my day in a weird way because he was different and it gave me hope. People are the same, but there's always those few who don't conform to the norm. They are the people who stand out and they are usually creative thinkers.

Creativity is always the envy of others. People wanna know how you can do that or maybe why we do it, but it's what makes you you! So, keep up the good work, folks. You never know whose day you'll make better.

Be that different voice, be creative and be proud of it!

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Anonymous said...

I know exactly what you mean I get wise guys asking me how much things are in POUNDworld and then others making jokes about why the bags aren't a pound when i charge them 1p. Worryingly though I sometimes think they actually haven't grasped the POUND bit in the name and really don't know how much something is!