Saturday, 8 January 2011

Day 215: How do we improve out creativity?

I have spent the morning reading through a story written by a friend of mine. Unfortunately, I can't tell you anything about this story 'cause it's not mine to tell. So, why mention it?

As I was reading through, I kept thinking about all the writing I should be doing, rather than reading someone else's. It's not going to get me anywhere helping them out, so why am I spending all this time doing it...?

Well, the truth is, none of that is true. Reading other people's work really does help me. If I can see how they can improve their work, I am also learning to improve my own. Take dialogue, for example. Does the old man's dialogue sound like an old man? Does the old man sound different to the little girl? If they don't then, it's not convincing dialogue...

...Now, when I right my dialogue, it'll be better. If you're a writer, reading and editing is learning.

What is your creative thing you do? How do you learn about it? How do you get better? Could helping others along, help yourself along too?

Something to think about...

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