Monday, 3 January 2011

Day 210: Location Location Location

Today is one of those busy days where you go visiting (probably 'cause it's Bank Holiday). First, I went to my cousin's new flat. She was a bit embarrassed 'cause it was messy, but it's to be expected, right? There was a sofa here and a table there. I found myself thinking, 'hmm, I'm not sure I'd really put that there,' or, 'I wouldn't paint it that colour.'

Then, we went to see my sister's new flat, which is literally just a shell. No furniture, no curtains, just carpet. That was even more fun. I imagined the furniture, colour scheme, where the bookcase would go, how will it all fit around plug sockets, where to put the 'feature wall'...

Do you do this too? Do you find yourself becoming an interior designer in other people's houses?

I even think about the layout, 'I would've put the door opening the other way...that radiator should be on the other wall.'

Like I really have a clue about any of this stuff!

Next time you go round someones house, have a secret nose around. What do you think? Get your creative thinking cap out. Or why not plan your own future house? What will it look like, how many rooms, where will the lounge be? Will the bedroom have an en suite...?

So many things to think about... 

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