Friday, 24 December 2010

Day 200 : Creative Christmas Eve!

As Christmas Day fast approaches, I thought it best to have a little think about what creative things we can do with all the tons of wraping paper that's left at the end of it all. Instead of just chucking it in the bin this year, be creative instead...

Emma's top ten creative ideas to re-use wrapping paper:

Origami - Christmas themed, I guess, but use your creative skills to be original.

Papier Mache - cut it all up, add wall paper paste and start creating whatever you need.

Mummies - turn an annoying younger sibling or cousin into a mummy but covering them in wrapping paper and sticking them in a cupboard. It'll get them out of your hair for a while at least.

Cards - use the beutiful paper to create next years Christmas cards, thank you cards

Advent calender - recycle your left overs into a advent calender. Try and find 24 different peices for each door!

Textbook - cover your school/college books for the new about patchwork?

Collage - make a winter scene or a funky colour chart.

Scrapbook - start and patterns and textile scrap book with all the scraps you love. You never know when they'll come in handy.

Shred it - use it to line gift boxes for the rest of the year.

Wrap it - Use it to cover a shoebox and you've got a new storage box for you room.

So, if you're bored on Boxing Day or need to amuse yourself until school/college starts again, use what you got and make Christmas last a bit longer

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