Sunday, 19 December 2010

Day 195: Pom-poms on the Catwalk

Last night I spent the evening making a pom-pom to put on a pair of slippers I’ve made for Christmas. (I won’t say who for, they might be reading!)
They are so easy to make and look pretty cool too. I mean, they're even on the catwalk. So here are instructions to create your own pom-poms:
1. Cut 2 circles out of cardboard (draw round a jar/tin). Then cut a smaller circle in the middle (so it looks like a donut).

2. Put the 2 pieces of card together and start looping wool around them, through the hole and around the outside. Once you’ve finished with one length of wool, start another.

3. Keep going until the hole in the middle is non-existent. Use a needle when you can’t fit your fingers through anymore.

4. Get some sharp scissors and cut in between the 2 bits of cardboard on the outside of your circle.

5. Carefully wrap a piece of wool in between the two pieces of cardboard, and tie it tightly around the wool in the centre of your donut shape.

6. Cut the cardboard off and fluff up your pom-pom. Cut any loose ends off and admire your handy work.

Why not use different coloured wool as you go round? Make big ones, small ones, put them on slippers, hats, make a necklace, as inventive as you like!

Merry making!

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