Friday, 17 December 2010

Day 193: Holidays are comin'

So today is the last day of my term and I have to say, I have never looked forward to going home as much as I do now. Christmas is a time for rest, eating, family...

...but what about creating? Do you guys have any creative plans for this festive season?

Let's decide together to put our hands/ears/eyes/mouths to something creative over the next 3(ish) weeks, people!

I am going to do some knitting, maybe even on Christmas day!
I'm going to read lots of good books...and maybe some writing too(?)
I'm going to do some colouring with my littlest sister, Olivia.
I'm going to do some baking...maybe decorate a gingerbread house in sweets and icing (yummmmm)!

What will  you do this holiday season to keep your creative side full this Christmas. Have a think, make a list and check it twice...

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Anonymous said...

And all of us in Braintree get to see you, woohoo. :) See you soon buddy.