Thursday, 16 December 2010

Day 192: What's your duvet like?

I've just put my new double duvet on my bed to keep me warm on these winter nights. It's got a really cool duvet cover which got me thinking about how many millions of duvet cover designs there must be in the world.

When I was a kid I have loads of Disney ones like 101 Dalmatians. I had a Snatch the dog one too, complete with lampshade and bin. (so cool, I know!) I had a panda one too. Everyone has one with their favourite animal on, right? Then as I 'matured,' I had, Lord of the Rings 'cause I was obsessed! When Uni started it was bright pink and now I have a brand new green one with flowers and dots. (it's actually way nicer than it sounds!)

I loved all of them at one stage or another, but I can't help but think it would be infinitely cooler to create my own duvet design...

What design would you create...? Here's some ideas to get you started on your creation!

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