Monday, 13 December 2010

Day 189: Elevator Pitch

What are you doing creatively at the moment? Maybe you're making an album or a series of paintings. Maybe you're writing a book or planning a massive creative festival!

If you were in an elevator/lift and someone asked you what you did (creatively) could you explain it to them in the few minutes you have with that person?

Or, perhaps more realistically, one of your relatives at Christmas asks you what you are doing with your life at the moment, could you confidently tell them about your creative work?

People like a confident, well thought out answer, don't they? Think about it today. How could you put what you do into a few sentences?

Here's my elevator pitch for my project:

I am running a creative writing competition for secondary school pupils, accompanied by workshops and one-to-one session to improve writing and creative thinking. All entries will be made into an anthology with proceeds split between the school and a charity chosen by the winner. An awards ceremony will follow with readings, prizes and anthologies on sale.

What does yours sound like...?

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