Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Day 177: write a book in 30 days!

My friend sent me this list on Facebook and she called it a 30 day challenge. At first it just looked like a list of things you can do each day, but then I thought, why not WRITE about these things everyday? You could write 1 chapter each day, and hey presto, you got a autobiography on you hands!

Or, if a book's not your thing, why not write a song each day, based on the topic. Or if you're really feeling creative, do a drawing, an animation, a dance...

Whatever you do, see if you can use this 30 day challenge to help your work. Give it a go if you think your hard enough:

Day 1: introduce yourself
Day 2: Your first love
Day 3: Your parents
Day 4: What you ate today
Day 5: Your definition of love
Day 6: Your day
Day 7: Your best friend
Day 8: A moment
Day 9: Your beliefs
Day 10: What you wore today
Day 11: Your siblings
Day 12: What's in your bag
Day 13: This week
Day 14: Nicest thing ever said to you
Day 15: Your dreams
Day 16: Your first kiss
Day 17: Your favourite memory
Day 18: Your favourite birthday
Day 19: Something you regret
Day 20: This month
Day 21: Another moment
Day 22: Something that upsets you
Day 23: Something that makes you feel better
Day 24: Something that makes you cry
Day 25: A first
Day 26: Your fears
Day 27: Your favourite place
Day 28: Something that you miss
Day 29: Your aspirations
Day 30: One last moment.

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