Sunday, 7 November 2010

Day 153: Documenting journies...

Over the pass few months I have had a few thoughts about how you could document travel in a creative way. To begin with, it was for my art project, but then I stopped doing art at uni, so it kinds stopped.

But, the other day when I was walking back from work in the dark, I started thinking about all the rubbish that I could see on my journey and how, if I collected it all, I could put it together and call it 'Upper Bristol Road.' It would be a way to visually represent my journey home.

Then, I got thinking about lots of different ways I could record my travels. Here's some I came up with:
All the leaves I pass on a journey.
A sound recording of a journey.
I could use a camera placed around my neck to show what I see as I walk
For a bus journey, I could take a finger print of everyone who gets on the bus to record the route through people rather than a map of where it goes. (This one's more tricky, but more interesting!)

Unfortunately, I don't have time to explore these creative ideas at the moment, which is why I thought I'd share them with you instead. Feel free to give them a try and use the ideas in your own creative work.  Sharing creative ideas moves thinking forward. Post up your own ideas and let me know how it goes.

Catch the idea, let it go and then follow it. That's my advise for today!

(If this subject interests you look at the artist, Richard Long. Here's his website.)

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