Friday, 12 November 2010

Day 158: Mick Rock's rock stars!

Check out this video on the BBC website. It's a slideshow of all the work by Mick Rock, the legendary rock photographer. (I recon his name called him to that job!) He says he didn't set out to be a photographer by profession, but his fascination of all those rock stars came out in the photos and that was it, job done!

Isn't it interesting how many people get a career out of what started out as a hobbie, specially creative ones. What's your hobbie? What inspires you to be creative? I recon most creative people are just doing what they love and couldn't be any other way!

Use what you got and change the world with it. That's what all the people in Mick Rock's photos did through their music. It looks like Mick Rock had a pretty good crack at it too. He's got a new book out full, of his creative work.

What will you do...?

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