Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Day 149: Ben Wilson, the chewing gum man...

I was SO excited when I saw this that I HAD to share it with you. It turns out there's a guy in London called Ben Wilson who goes along the street, finds an old piece of forgotten chewing gum and paints on it! Check out his masterpieces below:

What an incredible idea. It really gives a different slant to painting. I think it would be lovely to walk down the street and see a painted bit of gum on the street. Watch this video if you like what you see. Ben Wilson talks about how his art allows him to work outside and interact with his community, as well as work with what others throw away.

I don't know about you guys, but it makes me think about my own creative work and how I can make it new, fresh and reach out into my community. What could you do with your creativity? Where could you take you ideas?

Because of Ben Wilson, creativity is literally changing the streets of London. Now that's what I call creative thinking!

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