Monday, 1 November 2010

Day 147: Barack Obama

Tomorrow I have to do a presentation. I've always hated presentations. It's not that I'm really bad at them, it's just that I get so nervous before hand. I shake and can't breath properly and my concentration slips...

I'm pretty sure you know what I mean. No one really likes presentations, do they? My teacher told us to look at Barack Obama's talks 'cause he's real good at public speaking. Do you recon he gets nervous?

The one I have to do tomorrow becomes all the more scary because I have read my own creative work out! Scary stuff. Being a writer is cool and all, but I didn't sign up for reading it front of people!

Oh, and I HATE reading aloud.

Just writing this all down fills me with dread, but I wanted to tell you because, well, you've helped me out.

To make it a bit more bearable I have decided to read out one of my daily blog entries (Day 105 in fact). Putting my writing out into the world through my blog has become less scary as time's gone on, so I figure, why not share that with my class?

Basically, I want to say thank you. Thanks all of you who read my blog and leave comments and get inspired by what I write. It's ones of those creative things where I think, 'yep this is worth it.' And, I love it! I'm pretty sure that's what Obama thinks about his work anyway. Here's to hoping my presentation will go as well as his!

I hope you feel encouraged by this entry and enthused to go out there with your creative work. You never know who you might help, and who might help you in return.

Thanks again guys, you are ALL great!

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