Saturday, 14 August 2010

Day 68: Trash to Treasures

I was looking around on the web the other day, as you do, and I found this competition which asked people to make things from recycled stuff. As I was looking through the entries, I thought how many creative things you can make out of rubbish. The closing date had already passed (which is a shame), but luckily for us, the winner has been announced:

This crocheted flower is by Jane of Hooked Yarn. Can you believe its made from carrier bags? How amazing! check out her technique here.

There were loads of cool entries like necklaces made from Cheerio boxes, a heart wall hanging made of paper shopping bags and even some frilly knickers made from an old wedding dress!
Check out all the entries at You could follow their creative endeavors on their daily blog too.

What do you make? Do you knit, sow, make cards, jewellery...why not try making it out of unusual stuff? Be inspired by the stuff that's already out there and do your own thing with the ideas it gives you!

Be different, be creative...

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