Friday, 13 August 2010

Day 67: Charlie and Lola

I know what you are thinking, why have you put a 4 year old's T.V. programme on a teenager's creative blog? Well, hear me out before you pass judgement.

Charlie and Lola was originally a picture book for kids written and illustrated by Lauren Child. Believe it or not, it's really unusual for one person to write and draw the same book because the publishing companies don't like it (you'd think it would make it easier, but apparently not!). The thing I love about it is the collage she's used for the backgrounds, their clothes, props, everything. If they are eating a banana, then it will be a picture of a real banana. It's so cool!

Imagination is at the top of it's game in this one too. See how it will inspire you to be creative with stories or animation... if you haven't seen Charlie and Lola before, then watch this episode (it's only 10 minutes). In fact, even if you have seen Charlie and Lola, watch it anyway because it's so great.

I hope this has inspired you to be creative! I used to watch Charlie and Lola every morning with my little sister before she went to school, but now she thinks she's too big for it now (I have my doubts). So sometimes I watch it on iplayer by myself (because I'm so cool!). To be fair, I am studying writing for young people, so really, it's research!

Anyway, enough about me. Be inspired by Charlie and Lola. Do you have an interesting relationship you could creative from like Charlie and Lola's? Or do you have an interesting animation technique which could be the next craze? Use YOUR ideas and be creative...

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