Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Day 64: Vogue...Any idea?

Fashion, fashion, fashion! If anyone knows fashion, it's Vogue. It all started in 1892 as a magazine appealing to high class New Yorkers. It featured reviews of plays, books and music. Fashion was hardly mentioned.

That all changed when a man called Conde Nast took over the magazine in 1909. From then on advertisement and fashion took centre stage! The rest is, as they say, history. When he died in 1942 Time's magazine said, "for a generation he was the man from whom millions of American women got their ideas, directly or indirectly, about the desirable standard of living."

Ideas is the main point I want to focus on. For over 30 years this man gave women (and men) ideas, suggestions, ... What an inspirational man.

What ideas do you have that could influence the world? Is fashion your thing? Animation or film? Art or sculpture? Writing or journalism? How could you give people ideas?

Look at these pictures. Can you see how the magazine has changed? Ideas move on, progress, develop. Ideas are needed all the time and YOU are the new generation!

What produces ideas? Creativity! So use your creativity to inspire others. Use your ideas to make more. You know, like the snowball affect. Maybe that's what makes the world go round too!

I hope you feel inspired by Mr Nast and his creative ideas. It just goes to show that with a bit of umph and creativity on your side, your ideas can change the world...

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Tania said...

Great blog Em my favourite so far is the campervans....I wonder why??