Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Day 358: Flip by Martyn Bedford (part 2)

Often when I read books they will present me with ideas that inspire me, that spark my imagination. I get lost in my own thoughts and forget I'm even reading a book. Does that ever happen to you?

I read this in Flip by Martyn Bedford and was taken far away:

'Imagine radio and TV signals 
were visual - the sky would be
 full of them, a blizzard of sound
and image swirling through the air.'

That's exactly what I did. I imagined it. A world full of signals. You wouldn't be able to see anything but distorted images whizzing around. What if it happened to phone signals too? Nothing could be secret! As you walked along the road you would hear snippets of conversation rushing down the wires above you. What would you want to over-hear?

What cool ideas! I mean, there's potential for a Sci-fi movie/book right there.

Are you inspired yet??

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