Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Day 324: Writers' Block

What do you do when you run out of ideas, when nothing inspires you to be creative?

Sometimes I get like this, especially when it's sunny. All I want to do is go outside and have fun in the sun, rather than sit in front of my laptop and write.

So what can we do when we don't want to get creative? How can we find inspiration?

Well, I've decided that I need to be proactive about it. If I wanna be out in the sun, then I need to find a creative way to do it. Sometimes I read or knit in the garden, which I love, so I think it's time I took my writing into the garden too.

Who needs a laptop when you've got pen and paper, eh? I think it'll help to write in different places. Maybe I could try writing in the park or at the beach, on a bench in town or even in my sister's tree house.

Right, that's it, I gotta try it. It's my next project, writing in different places. Wanna join me? We can be like Richard Long, whose art is walking and finding different ways of documenting it. New, exciting, experimental...

Just by writing this blog entry today, I've managed to find inspiration to get back on it.

What will you try...?

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