Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Day 323: Once in a lifetime...

Yesterday I spent six hours in the car traveling from Devon to Essex. I don't usually travel by car and although it was a long and pretty boring journey, I saw loads of amazing things, creative and inspiring in their own way. But, like an idiot, I didn't take any pictures.

It got me thinking about all the things I do, which I'll only do once. I mean, I will do that journey again, but it won't be the same. There will be different cars filled with different people, doing different things at a different time. The weather won't be the same. The people I travel with won't be the same. The traffic will stop and start and different places. I'll see different birds, different houses, different pedestrians.

It's like when you go to  gig. That collection of people will never be in the same place sharing the same experience ever again.

Most things we do, we will never do it again. If you think about it, everything is once in a lifetime. So, how do you capture them? How do you capture the creativity, the inspiration that you get...?

Something to think about...

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