Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Day 267: Making noise for the Arts

Today I have done heaps of cool stuff to do with creativity and it's got me all fired up! Where to start? Well, I won't spill it all onto you in one entry.

Because it's the Bath Lit Fest this week there is loads of talks going on all over Bath. I went along to one about the future of Arts Education. How will it continue with the new government pushing it to the back of the queue. Whose responsibility is it to keep it going?

There were four people on the panel discussing such things; a teacher, Sue East, a writer, Helen Cross, a cultural organisation person (ie, a theatre or something artsy), Kate Cross and a policy figure (someone who helps decide what's what in schools), Sue Horner. They all said lots of interesting comments, but the thing I took away was that, actually, it's everyones responsibility to make some noise for the Arts.

I think creative subjects are really important. They were what I went to school for. They're why I go into to schools now as a creative person. People deserve to have the change to get creative and try stuff out. But the government seem to think differently and if we, as the nation they are supposed to be taking care of, don't like it, we need to tell them, right?

Are you into the Arts? How? Why? Can we make our voices heard up there in London? It's time to rally the troops people! We're all creative thinkers, so lets put our heads together and find a way to keep the Arts alive in our country. Who's with me?

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