Saturday, 27 November 2010

Day 173: Imagine all the people...

In Bath today it is snowing. When I was a kid I used to LOVE snow, but now, I kinda just find it annoying. I have to walk to work in it, so when I get there I'll be drenched and because I work at a cinema, it'll be so busy with everyone escaping the weather!

But, you know what? There are people in the world that live for most of the year with snow, so who am I to complain when I have it for one day? There are people in the world that never see snow, so who am I to take it for granted?

This got me thinking about the news. The snow is all over the news at the moment; problems on the roads, schools shutting, snowed in towns...I wonder how the people affected by those things are feeling. What are they doing about it? How are they coping?

This is my task for you today. Watch the news. Take a person from a story and try and imagine what they're going through. How did they find out? What were they doing? How has their life changed...?

We can do so much with our imaginations...all we need is a spark!

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