Monday, 22 November 2010

Day 168: Joshua Bell on the subway in N.Y.

Joshua Bell is a world famous violinist. He composes music and has performed all over the world. He's also done movie soundtracks and even been on Sesame Street!

But at 7.51am on 12th January, he played for 45 minutes on the New York Subway. Wanna know how much he made for his world famous playing as a busker? $32! Over 1000 people past him and how many do you think stopped to listen, watch, admire?

Watch this video to see what happened:

Isn't it crazy to think someone as creatively talented as Joshua Bell was ignored on the Tube? How do you react to busker? I know I would probably do exactly the same thing as they all did, but why?

This all got me thinking about being creative...Do I, as a creative person, support the creative work of others? Surely we need to stick together, right?

The other day I told you I went to an open mic-night, which was heaps of fun and gave me loads of inspiration and momentum for my own creative work, so it would seem that supporting each other helps us along too (creatively speaking). Maybe it's time we became more active in our support of creative thinkers!

What's going on in your area, at your school/college, or even out on the streets? How could you support them? I don't mean with money necessarily, but what could you do to encourage those who are doing similar things to you? Could you do more? Maybe you could make a pact...I'll go to yours if you come to mine...?

Something to think about...

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