Sunday, 13 June 2010

Day 6: Inspirational nature (part 2)

After musing over the delights of the moving world, I came to realise that I didn't give plants a mention. They too can be so inspirational, especially at this time of year when all of the trees/plants/flowers are in bloom. SUCH colour! Whoever said grass is green lied! There are so many shades and tones. Check out how things change colour depending on the light/time of day.

In Spring/Summer, everything looks full and alive, but in Autumn/Winter, there is a transformation. When I was younger I used to hate Winter; the way everything looked bare and dull. But actually trees without leaves show you just how intricate they are. Have you ever tried to draw one? It's so hard!

Next time you happen to be near a tree, stand right next to its trunk and look up. It really is the most amazing view. The way the branches span over you at all different angles, every leaf trying to catch a ray of sunlight.

Or, the next time you walk past a wall with plants growing through the cracks, stop and take a proper look. It's incredible how nature will find a way to survive, even if we cover it in concrete. Plants will grow anywhere and everywhere, whether we want it there or not! (Gardeners, you know what I mean!)

What will you find?

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