Thursday, 17 June 2010

Day 10: Creative Memories

I don't know about you, but creative people tend to be forgetful and generally a bit scatty. I certainly fall into both categories. Very often I will be on the way to my studio space (where I do my art) only to find I have forgotten my paintbrushes, purse, phone or whatever else I really need! Are you that kind of person?

I am also a bit of a visionary. In other words, I get an idea which then sparks off another million in my head. They all swim around getting mashed together and then I usually forget half of them (hence why I forget so many physical things like my phone all the time!). Sound familiar?

Well, this is how I try to handle my forgetful brain; carry a notebook EVERYWHERE! You never know when a creative idea is going to fly into your head, so the best thing to do is catch it and write it. It works wonders for me. When I wake up in the night after a dream, it goes in the book. When I'm on the bus and I see/hear something, it goes in the book. Even when you're on the toilet...creativity can strike anywhere, best to be prepared! At least that's what I find. It's a great way to see your ideas growing and moving forward.

So, don't just forget it, write it!

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