Thursday, 24 June 2010

Day 17: People watching

Have you ever found yourself waiting for a friend in a park, cinema, shopping centre, train station...? The likely answer to this question is most definitely yes. At these times you end up getting annoyed and spending your time thinking, 'where on earth has my friend got to!'

Well. the next time this happens to you I want to encourage you not to see it as an annoying waste of time, but think, how can I use this time to spark creativity?

Try this; just sit back and watch the people around you. What are they doing/wearing/eating/talking about? Would you do that? People who don't know they are being watched do the funniest/unexpected/realistic things. Trust me, it's loads of fun to watch people doing their shopping or playing footy in the park, chatting on the phone or whatever else you see people doing.

It teaches you about how people react. Add their behaviour to your characters, or try and capture it in art, dance, theatre...Who knows, they could end up contributing to your masterpiece without even knowing.

Nothing is ever a waste of time, not when you're creative!

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