Saturday, 14 May 2011

Day 340: Annoying things parents say...

Yesterday me and my housemate, Beth were reminiscing about our childhoods. We soon got onto the subject of being unjustly told off by our parents. You know the times when you feel you don't quite deserve to be told off for what happened?

I was sharing a time when I copied my older cousin, Nicola by walking on the hoover tube which was curling around on their living room floor. My dad came in and told me off for walking on another person's hoover cord and spouting off stuff about being disrespectful. But, hello! What about Nicola? She did exactly the same thing. Did she get told off? No! When I protested, I got this:

Emma, if Nicola jumped off a cliff, would you?

What an absolutely RiDICulous thing to say! Parents ALWAYS say it though, don't they? Quite clearly I wouldn't jump off a cliff and nor would Nicola for that matter. If I was her I think I would be offended at such a suggestion.

There must be a story in this. My blog challenge for today is to cast your minds back to remember an annoying parent phrase which really grates on you and use it to create a great story. It could be a funny one to exaggerate the absurdity of parents! Or why not turn it around and create a story where the parents are the ones getting a telling off.

Using memories as inspirations for genius is always a winner. See what you can create...

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