Thursday, 31 March 2011

Day 297: Pen-ultimate's, 'A Night on the Tiles'

Last night I went to see a play called 'A Night on the Tiles.' That's scrabble tiles, by the way. Yep, it was a play all about scrabble and the power of words. Placed in a gangster setting, the characters engaged in a violent game of scrabble, full of conflict, death and blood.

Have you ever been to the theatre? Everything's right there in front of you, live, real, not like the cinema. I felt the character's, I understood their relationships. I laughed with them, I was shoked, angry, discusted with them, right there and then, never really able to go back to it other than through my own remembering. That's the power of theatre.

The other cool thing about it was the actors were spoken word performers (live poets) so clever with their words, each one chosen specifically and carefully for that very place. I was literally blown away with their creativity, which seemed to strengthen with every word.

The group, which tour the country with their words, are called Pen-ultimate. Check out the videos below and be inspired. There's loads more on their website...


Anonymous said...

One of these days i'll have to try my hand at some spoken word if I ever have the guts. :)

Emma Fowler said...

Practise makes perfect!