Sunday, 13 March 2011

Day 279: Fanatical about films?

I have spent most of the day sitting behind Box Office at work looking through the Odeon Magazine. Some of the films coming out soon I quite fancy like, The Adjustment Bureau and The Lincoln Lawyer. They look interesting: What could be in their future that would cause them to become wanted in their present? Why would a man run a law firm from his car?

But some of the films like, Battle: Los Angeles and Unknown really didn't interest me. Why is that? Why do some of us want to see those films and some of us don't? What is it about them that makes us fancy them (or not)?

Is it their stories? Their actors or directors? Is it their marketing?

Odeon claims to be fanatical about films, but are they really? I mean, can any one person be fanatical about all films? I don't think so...

Just one of the thoughts that filled my head as I waited for the next film lover to buy a ticket from me today...

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